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We're glad you've decided to be among the first to join one of our newest, distinctively downtown communities. At 66 Summer Street you can expect excellent customer service and professional management. Our service-oriented maintenance team strives to go the extra mile, and 24 hour emergency response ensures our residents are well taken care of should an issue arise giving them peace of mind. Best of all, we love creating environments and atmospheres that feel authentic and cheerful, even in the midst of the exciting world of new construction.

Please feel free to submit a request, give us feedback, or pat us on the back when you see a job well done. We are happy you are our resident.

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We always try our best to serve our residents and provide an atmosphere of professional courtesy. When our employees go above and beyond the call of duty, or when they provide outstanding service, or just did something special.....we'd love to hear about it. A kind word from you can make the day of our employees and will encourage that person to keep up the "great work."

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We strive to provide the best customer service that the apartment industry has to offer.

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Staff members at 66 Summer Street are dedicated to making your home the finest place to live. Your opinions and comments are extremely important to us and will enable us to improve your community. This form will allow you to communicate any concerns or questions you may have directly with the Property Manager. As always, you can speak to the Property Manager in person at the Leasing Office. Using the following rating scale, please indicate the degree to which you are satisfied with the community, services, and personnel.

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